Autumn colors and patterns

Stylish and modern plate with a high edge.

Porslin tallrikar

How about warm gray, cool grayish blue or lovely turquoise with relief? Stylish and modern plate with a high edge. A very affordable and durable feldspar porcelain.

These plates are in our warehouse in Stockholm and can be sent the same day if you place an order before 11 o’clock. This means that the customer can have the goods with them the next day. We are open as usual and can send goods every weekday.

Gray plate Ankara
Plate round gray 26cm (article4186 K-1)
Plate round gray 20cm (article 4180 K-1)
Plate round gray 17.5cm (article 4129 K-1)
Plate deep round gray 20cm (article 4120 K-1)

Grayish blue Ankara
Plate round grayish blue 26cm (article 4186 K-9)
Plate round grayish blue 20cm (article 4180 K-9)
Plate round grayish blue 17.5 cm (artivle 4129 K-9)
Plate deep round grayish blue 20cm (article 4120 K-9)

Turquoise plate Marrakech
Plate round turquoise with relief 26cm (article 4286 K-5)
Plate deep round turquoise with relief 20cm (article 4281 K-5)

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