About us

Blocho is about simplicity and durability. We offer an assortment of porcelain to suit as many people as possible. With us you will find affordable products with high quality and stylish design. Today, we are the market-leading supplier of porcelain to restaurants, cafes, hotels and catering. Our porcelain is found all over Sweden and can be bought through our resellers.

Our vision is to be a leader in the food and beverage experience. We believe we do it through carefully selected products, so you do not have to search through thousands of articles and can focus on what you are best at.

Our porcelain is a durable and affordable feldspar porcelain that can withstand a tough restaurant environment. The porcelain is manufactured in Europe’s largest and most modern porcelain factory just under 600 kilometers from the Swedish coast. We do not believe in long shipments from other parts of the world and we work continuously with our value chain to ensure efficient transport to Sweden and finally to you as a customer.

Blocho is a family business that started in 1986 in Stockholm. Initially, Blocho served as a purchasing support to Swedish companies that wanted to import goods from Europe. Today, we produce ourselves under our own brand and are passionate about creating unique experiences in food and drink, whether you are a professional user or a happy amateur.